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Our History

Imagine that one day you wake up in an unknown place. Your head is full of ideas, your heart beats full of hope, but also your body shakes because of the uncertainty of what is coming. Imagine waking up with those feelings for several years.
Day after day, you put your passion in this little monster that starts to grow, slowly but firmly. Although it is mass production, your heart is in every piece you make, at every lathe’s spin, and you notice your body slowly stops trembling with fear, and now it does with happiness.

Your children, and your children’s children, begin to grow with you with the same passion but new ideas, making what you created their own. And again, your body is no longer trembling with fear but with excitement.

The excitement of knowing that the ideas and hope you had go hand in hand with work. Excitement because you know that the technique of your designs and the passion of your creativity could get along. You breathe deep, with peace. The little monster you created learnt to walk alone and has so much to live, that could be immortal.

Today, Rattini is a little company but it has the strength of a giant. Its 60 years show that it learns by experience and that it has an enormous ability to adapt itself to any difficulty it may appear.

Latest News

24 March, 2019

Nueva Planta Industrial

Estamos avanzando en la construcción de nuestra nueva planta industrial, habiendo levantado la nave principal y parte de las oficinas.   
24 March, 2019

Seguimos renovando maquinaria

Como toda empresa familiar, siempre quisimos crecer, desarrollarnos y mejorar. A lo largo de los últimos diez años tuvimos la oportunidad de incorporar once centros de […]
7 August, 2017

83º Exposición Rural en Río Cuarto

En septiembre de 2017 asistimos a la tradicional Exposición Rural organizada por la Sociedad Rural de Río Cuarto de la mano del Ministerio de Agricultura y […]

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